CAN-dy Handbag Story

Your purchase opens up a rainbow of possibility in more ways than you can imagine. Our limited – edition CAN-dy Bags are dedicated to all #TheeOne brave souls who are fighting the good fight to overcome addiction, with 20% of the proceeds benefiting the non – profit – Cure Addiction Now (CAN).

Founded by mother and son – Nancy and Jason Davis – the CAN foundation is dedicated to the understanding, treatment and ultimate cure of substance use disorder by funding ground – breaking research. In addition to creating new therapies to help stop the deadly cycle of addiction, they hope to eliminate the negative stigma of this disease and ultimately find a cure for the brain’s addiction to drugs.

Our CAN-dy bags pay homage to the Davis’ family passion and dedication in helping others, as well as being a bittersweet tribute to Jason “Gummy Bear” Davis, who was sadly never able to finalize his dream, but whose strength and determination lives on

In honor of Jason’s larger – than – life persona, a row of custom – created Lucite Gummy Bears stand in proud attention, while his bravery and boldness is reflected in every rainbow spark of Swarovski crystal color, ensuring his passion and promise continue to shine bright. Together they serve a brilliant reminder that hope itself can never truly be dimmed.

In a final culmination of the stars aligning, tucked inside is our very own symbol of hope and courage – our sparkling, rainbow – hued Thee One Penny. An integral part of our story, as well as our own gentle reminder to never give up.

For us, the CAN-dy bags are more than a coveted item, they represent the exuberance and joy to be found in life: embracing the promise of brighter days to come.

With your purchase we CAN make this world a sweeter place. In very proud support of all #TheeOne survivors – together we CAN do this!

Love the Bentz Girls

Thee One – penny sparkling with inspiration in every handbag.