Meet the Bentz Girls

If you’ve ever wondered what it is like when two gifted, generous souls meet – then you need to meet the Bentz girls. The effervescent power duo behind the coveted label, Bentz, sisters and best friends, Melissa and Kim are two sides of the same coin.

So natural and in tune is their affinity they often finish each other’s sentences. Yin to yang, Kim’s embracing of elegant and edgy meets Melissa’s love of glamour and grace. The perfect combination of daring and demure the sister’s personal styles unite resulting in their award-winning luxury designs.

Attention to detail is in everything they do.

Lovingly sourced Italian leathers in tantalizing candy and jewel colors, custom hardware, shimmering Swarovski crystals, a signature leather strap and a one-of-a-kind clasp all marry together in their coveted range of bags. Jewelry offerings dazzle with Promise Coins coated in 18K gold edged with radiant crystal hues, conveying a dedicated symbolic meaning with every choice.

Bespoke, beautiful and bold – these are the things that define everything the Bentz girls’ touch.

Yet the sisters are at great pains to convey their company and tagline – BORN BOLD – is not simply a reflection of them, although it aptly encompasses the spirit of how the label came into existence. You have to be bold to be approached for a handbag you have fashioned yourself, and decide you will create a collection on the spot!


As Melissa tells the story (with sentences often finished by Kim), shopping in Neiman Marcus one day carrying a bag of her own design, she was approached by a woman who enquired as to the label of her bag. It turned out the woman was a buyer, and when she asked Melissa if she had a collection Melissa, undaunted, replied yes.

It was their artist mom that found it hard to breathe. “Do you know what you have done? You have just said you will create an entire handbag collection for a luxury store!” And, the label was born. Kim threw in her management role in the family business soon after to join the journey. Both audacious moves that take courage, and strength of spirit.

But to Kim and Melissa, Bentz – BORN BOLD is more about the spirit of those who have overcome odds, it is about all the strong survivors, the people who have fought hard to be where they are. They believe they have personally been blessed in life, looked after by a Higher Power – trust and faith accompanies them daily – and they have an unrelenting desire to pay these blessings forward. Every collection created supports a different foundation, none more relevant or important than the other. To the Bentz girls it is all the same –  offering hope, positivity and a helping hand is all that matters.

Their brand is more than a label, at it’s heart it is about selling optimism and packaging it up in truly beautiful treasures to make life that little bit brighter.

And that’s a beautifully bold move.