The Promise Penny Story

The sister’s journey into the fashion business has not been easy… the struggles have been great and times challenging… but it has also met along the way with a most wonderful fulfilling and spiritual experience that would touch their lives FOREVER! They began to find inordinate amount of pennies….they found pennies in many parts of the country even during travels around the world…locations such as airports, streets, sidewalks, hotels, stores, restaurants, parks, cabs, friends homes, almost everywhere and anywhere… in additional to a list of the most unusual locations, like on top of a bag of ice at a local grocery store or on the cobblestone streets of Italy, one penny was so embedded in the street it was even too impossible to remove… wondering to themselves why was a penny always showing up at the least expected moments and places… and why we’re so many pennies constantly appearing…? 

You can examine the symbolism of pennies in several ways. From a numerology perspective, the number one represents positive energy, independence, a sense of beginning something new! It also conveys purpose, clarity, and focus, and carries the message to take action, in both physical and mental realms. With this knowledge in mind, we began to see things more clearly…

The heads upside of the penny include the phrase, “In God We Trust”, and is a friendly reminder to re-examine trust issues. We had to believe in our own ability to get the job done but also it reminded us of other sources of help available to us and that included our personal FAITH in a higher power!

We were more than ever a believer, that in finding all the pennies was a confirmation of our faith and trust being shown to us through a divine aid and reminded us daily that we were not alone on this long journey and that nothing would be impossible with faith! Every time we found another penny…it empowered us with the strength and courage to overcome some of our most difficult times both personal and professional, reminding us to not give up and draw upon the guidance of a hand greater than ourselves!

So we wanted to share this personal journey and message with everyone… tucked inside of each handbag sits our custom designed inspirational penny, reminding the bearer of this beautiful coin that we wish upon them very much like what we experienced…all life’s blessings and GOOD LUCK! It is also a scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates…with that we will be donating a portion of all sales and paying it forward to Make-a-Wish Foundation.

We hope you enjoyed reading our story and pass it along…❤️